With the explosion of business startups around the country, entrepreneurs are eager to reach the market with the next great idea. While these individuals have a basic business plan with a general understanding of the product they would like to create, they have critical legal issues for which they need assistance.

The Entrepreneurship Clinic at Charlotte Law School is a student-based program designed to assist small start-up companies with legal advice and advocacy to launch a business. Under the supervision of clinical faculty and staff, law students work to represent start-up companies and entrepreneurs referred to us by the Central Piedmont Community College Institute for Entrepreneurship and several other community colleges with business programs.

Clinic students actively work with clients to develop legal strategies that address the business needs of the client. The Clinic prides itself on providing students with the knowledge, skills and training to analyze legal issues and provide the legal services necessary to launch their business. Although its principal purpose is to train students for leadership positions in law and business, the Entrepreneurship Clinic also provides a valuable service to the community by helping many nonprofit organizations and other clients who could not otherwise afford legal assistance.

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